Electrolysis is the oldest way of hair removal which was practiced over 100 years now.   The recent technology is obviously painless than ever.

Q&A for Electrolysis

What is electrolysis?

Electrolysis is permanent hair removal. Regardless of the cause – heredity, metabolic, or hormonal conditions – electrolysis will permanently remove unwanted hair to reveal a glowing, confident you.  A professional electrologist inserts a very fine needle (usually thinner than the hair being treated) into the natural opening of the hair follicle alongside the hair shaft. A tiny amount of electrical current is then applied to destroy the hair growth cells. Electrolysis is effective for all skin types, hair types, skin colors, hair colors, and areas of the body

Is it safe?

Electrolysis is an efficient and safe method. Modern devices have also improved the efficiency of the treatment.  Moreover, having a personal needle will protect you any kind of contagious diseases.

Is it painful?

You’ll probably feel a momentary heat sensation or pinch. Discomfort is minimal for most people, but individual tolerances vary greatly. It should be kept in mind that some areas of the body are much less sensitive than others. Many people read, listen to music or even take a nap while being treated. In some cases, local anesthetic cream could be used to reduce the pain as well.

Is there any side effects?

Electrolysis is a safe method. Immediately following treatment, you may experience slight redness or tenderness which usually disappears in a couple of hours.

Which part of the body can be treated?

Any hairy area of the body can be treated by electrolysis.

How long does the treatment take?

Electrolysis is a faster method than laser hair removal when it is applied regularly and has no side effects.  Total duration depends on treated person, area and hair density.  Effective result shall be seen even after first session of the treatment.  At first the sessions will be more frequent and later it shall be needed occasionally. 

Does it harm when applied face and under eye area?

Real treatment almost never harms and even has certain degree of anti aging effect.

We use latest technology and golden needles. Our electrologist has 22 years of experience.

We would like to share with you the pictures of our dearest client with her consent that were really unhappy when we first met, because of wrong treatment applied in a well known electrolysis center in Etiler area.

  • Treatment applied again in other electrolysis center under chin area and redness and inflammation maintained 2-3 weeks.  The client now is happily under our treatment.
  • After treatment picture from our hands.
  • 2-3 days after treatment picture from our hands.